For those who take advantage from the employees skills

Product Description

Skill map is new word in skill management industry.  Use it to explore all hidden skills and capabilities of your employees to set accurate recruitment needs.



- View to current skills in organization

- Clear Skill gap

- Clear visual reports

- Clear company structure

Most suitable for

- SMEs

- Big corporations

- Consulting companies

The idea behind the SkillMap

We are always doing something that develops the recruitment industry and makes daily employer's life easier. Recently, our team figured out that the best way to track a company's skill performance are various Skill Mapping tools.

Unfortunately many of the current tools are "pushing" for visual element with sacrifise of a professional element. This makes a good first impression, but does not provide a clear and deep picture about the skill data.

MunJob decided to solve that problem. Days of brainstorming brought us to the clear concept of the service product. SkillMap should be an innovative tool not only for big organizations, but also for SMEs which should provide professional reporting with an opportunity to customize product for every company-user. Same time, SkillMap should be nicely combined with MunJob's signature feature - close customer support during the process. More about SkillMap and its features on this website page.


What is a SkillMap ?

"Recently, the concepts of upskilling and reskilling became popular among companies. It is relevant to know capabilities of your team before setting future business goals. Lack of knowledge about employee's skills could lead to huge monetary losses in your company. SkillMap is a simple tool which will help to see up-to-date skills data, without too much effort from your side"

Janne Kyllönen

CEO & Co-founder of MunJob

The Challenge


Nowadays, thousands of employers are not familiar with the full picture of their employees capabilities. On one hand it is hard to manually track all your employees skills even when you have a crew of just 10-15 people. One the other hand, lack of knowledge about true employees' capabilities could lead to useless consumption of a company's resources for recruiting new specialist to your team.

Skill Mapping Tools were actively developed in recent years. However, a huge number of tools sacrifice professionalism and efficiency for a more attractive interface.

Creating the Skill Mapping Tool with an easy - to - use interface and save efficiency of a software was the main challenge for team of MunJob.

New features of SkillMap

SkillMap was designed to help those who are taking care about the most valuable company's resource - employees' skills and competences. With our tool you can build a structured system of managing and analyzing skills on the level of your company's hierarchy. Features of SkillMap are helping you to efficiently and quickly generate data about a company's performance. Explore our new features for Skillmap by pushing the pictures below .

Analyse your skill gap

Analyse your skill gap

Let your employees put all their skills into the system to get a clear picture over your company's skill gap. Analyze most relevant skill data for the specific employees, teams, departments & locations. Monitor and process all company's skills via 5 skill groups (IT skills, Hard skills, Soft skills, ESCO-skills & Language skills)

Interactive reporting

Interactive reporting

Reporting is a fundamental thing in understanding skill reports. In SkillMap reporting is designed especially for those who would like to see key data without spending of personal time



It might be hard to remember all your employees and their position in company's hierarcy. Now with the SkillMap you get a clear list of all departments and teams! Same time, you can view structured skill reports about all department and team members.

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